A Tale Of Two Best Friends – They Made It Through Years And Never Left Each Other’s Side.

In 2007 an imgur user asked her sister not to get her a dog since they already had a daughter.

Thankfully, her sister did not listen to her and got them a cute little puppy. It turned out to be the best decision as the doggy and baby got along so well that they ended up being BFFs.

Since day one the black Labrador was always by the baby’s side.

It was like love at first sight. Apart from occasionally taking a chunk from the girl’s cookies, the doggy was a true friend.

They would buckle up for a cartoon show every Sunday morning.

Whether it was sitting in a car, watching their favorite TV show or just chilling, these two were inseparable.

They even walked to school together, inseparable.

As the years of friendship passed, the baby grew into a beautiful girl and the doggy started showing clear signs of aging, such as getting a grey beard.

But the girl’s love for her dog was more than ever.

How can she not love her best friend who’d do anything just to put a smile on her face.

The aging canine got some benign tumors which were removed this year.

While he lies there all weak and recovering, the girl won’t leave his side.

All these years of love and friendship would warm any person’s heart, no matter how cold.

Source: Imgur


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