People On Twitter Shared Their Best Excuses To Ditch A Date And We Noted All Of Them

We’ve all got standards on who we hook up with.

Some preferences. You know, some like guys with cool cars, others like girls who play instruments. There’s a difference. But like there are positives, there are negatives. Dealbreakers, as we like to call them.

But what exactly are dealbreakers? Is it something as simple as not footing the bill, or is it something far more extravagant and severe? The hashtag #2ExcusesToDitchADate blew up on Twitter, and people are sharing their standards. You should make note of it and hope that your date matches up!

#1 Animal lover.

#2 Manchild.

#3 Steak.

#4 Phones.

#5 Dog hater.

#6 Chocolate.

#7 Waitstaff.

#8 Bad at small talk.

#9 Twitter and Facebook.

#10 Rudeness


#11 Politics.

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