Bella And Gigi Hadid Did A Naked Photoshoot For Vogue And People Are Not Having It

World famous supermodels’ come together for their sister act.

After the Kardashians and the Jenners, the Hadids seem to have taken the spotlight, and they sure have the internet buzzing this time. They did a steamy photo shoot for the British Vogue’s March edition and you are not going to like this!

Posing nude for a photo-shoot is not that big of a deal, especially for fashion models. But posing naked with your sister? And that too in a totally creepy way. Not cool. Posing this way might be a little ‘disturbing and ‘uncomfortable’ for some but for the Hadid’s’, it’s completely fine. After all, it seems like they’re fine with it.

Check out our new cover girls. Try not CHECKING THEM OUT while you’re at it. (winks)

Let me show you how some of the people reacted to this cover photo. Read the comments below.

Instagram | British Vogue

We need answers here, Vogue.

Instagram | British Vogue

Calm down, people. Keep your sisters to yourself.

Instagram | British Vogue

No honey, we’re all feeling quite uncomfortable looking at this.

Instagram | British Vogue

None of us understand what the message really is behind that photo.

Instagram | British Vogue

Here are a bit less provocative solo covers of the Hadid sisters draped in gold chainmail Versace gowns.

Oh and if you’re planning on buying this issue, it will be available to purchase on Friday, 2nd February. Enjoy your Vogue!

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