Photographer Captured Women’s Faces Before, During & After Orgasm For A Empowering Reason

  • By Asad Tipu
  • October 21, 2017
  • 3 minutes read

Sexuality is a very hush-hush topic in many cultures.

Including Brazil, where photographer and progressive, Marcos Alberti hails from. He wished to break the taboo around the topic, and teamed up with adult toy company Smile Makers to create The O Project. This photography set involved taking pictures of women before, during, and after orgasm. He especially invited women from conservative countries like Singapore and China to take part.

Fan Yang, the Global Brand Manager of Smile Makers said:

“Our partnership with Marcos allowed us to create this series to upend that social stigma around female sexuality, and encourage the normalization of female pleasure,

“That final shot, of a strong female grinning into the camera, is exactly what we want people to see. We hope that everyone viewing this project will feel more confident about their bodies and sexuality. All it takes is one smile at a time.”

Marcos Alberti stated:

“When you approach the taboo topic of sex through the lens of humor, people start to open up and share opinions more freely, which can lead to a monumental change in people’s mentality.”

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