Mom Shared Little Girl’s Before & After School Hair Do And We All Can Relate

Mother’s Always Try To Make Their Child Look Perfect On The First Day Os School.

Well, that was what Markeisha Simien, mother of five-year-old Charle-Feigh was trying to do. However, Charle-Feigh was having none of it. You see she sent her daughter with perfectly coiffed hair on her first day of kindergarten.

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Charle-Feigh Apparently Did Not Like The New Hairdo.


She Altered The Hairdo To Fit Her Better. She Looks Great.

Via facebook

Markeisha Apparently ‘Lost It All’ When She Saw Her Daughters New Hairdo. She Did However Appreciate Everyone’s Interest In The Before And After Pictures.

Thanks everyone! She is really a joy! I was upset, true! But me and my baby laughed together at her hair redo!


She also asked her daughter if she is going to keep messing with her hairdo every day in school. The answer she received was a ‘no’ but her mother is not quite sure about that.

You Do You, Charle-feigh.


Having kids isn’t supposed to be easy.

It’s just supposed to be a rollercoaster during an earthquake when a hurricane hits while a heatwave gets more intense and the planet explodes. But at the end, you don’t regret a thing.

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