10+ Hilarious Before And After Pictures Of Doggos That Have Been Ruined By Pet Groomers

Everybody makes mistakes.

And that includes pet groomers. However, as evident by the following numerous instances shared by Twitter users, it seems pet groomers make more ‘mistakes’ than anyone else.

You see, the owners of these dogs just wanted a little bit of trim but what they got was much different. It all started when Alyssa Echevarria shared a before and after picture of her dog that showed him completed shaved.

This is the unlucky dog.

Unsurprisingly, the tweet quickly went viral, and this urged other people to share their own dogs’ before and after pictures. From sad to very fashion forward, one thing is for sure; These dogs look incredibly ‘unique.’

Poor little baby.

But why did you do that? He feels so nakey now!

Some dogs age with certain hairstyles.

Yup, seems like it.

At least pigtails are in style right now.

That does not look like a ‘slight’ trim.

I have no words.

I honestly agree with you here. That is not the same dog!

I would be pissed too If I looked like that.

This dog seemed to have changed breeds.


I don’t know about this one. He still looks cute.

Oh no, What have they done!?

Don’t worry; he will soon enough.

Now I feel sad about Dobby.


And the pink shirt is not helping at all.

She looks like she is about to cry.

No! I refuse to believe this happened.


And he looks so sad.


What happened to his tail?

Wow, He lost a lot of weight. What’s his diet?


At least he can see now?


Do you relate to the pain of having your dog’s ‘image’ being completely ruined? If so, comment on below and let us know.

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