Beekeepers Unite To Shut Down All The Vegans With Cold Hard Facts

Who is a vegan?

I think most people already know that it is someone who refuses to eat food that either comes from an animal or is an animal. And that includes honey. Now, I am not a vegan. Though I was a vegetarian for two years, however, that was in the past. So, I have no experience with not eating honey.

However, it seems there is a lot of debate about honey among vegans. Vegans believe honey harvesting is harmful for bees. So that is why many beekeepers are trying to clear up everything for vegans and why they should eat honey albeit locally sourced.

avocado honey health benefits

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Let start with this comment shall we?

Agave is what many vegans use instead of honey which is quite ironic since it does harm the environment.

Local beekeepers do really care for their bees.

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There were many more comments from beekeepers trying to teach some people.

They also talk about a lot of health benefits from eating real honey.

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And vegans are all about cruelty-free right?

And as it turns out most of us already benefit from bees in other ways even if we don’t eat honey.

After all, we can’t give up everything, right?

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Bees are very important for many things other than honey.

I wholeheartedly agree.

*Mic drop*

As you can imagine, people had a lot to say about this conversation.

That is very true.

Being eco-friendly is great but never go overboard.

Real honey is absolutely delicious.

I agree!

Do you eat honey? If so, do you usually get it from a local farmer? Comment down below and let us know.

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