Beauty And The Beast Tea Room Is A Real Thing And You Want To Be There Right Now

The Kensington Hotel just pulled a page out of Beauty And The Beast

Located at 109-113 Queen’s Gate in London,  the Hotel made available their “Tale As Old As Time” afternoon tea. They were inspired by the new live action Beauty And The Beast and created this event.

They have utensils and silverware and pottery inspired by the movie. Even some crumpets and cupcakes have a touch of Disney with them. Mrs Potts, Chip, Cogsworth and other characters we’ve grown to love are also a part of it. Unfortunately, because of how this is everyone’s dream, they’re booked.

The demand was too high, and they extended time to November and were still booked. But keep your eye on it in case someone cancels while you’re in London.

If you want more information, check out their website.

#1 A magical tea time

#2 A cup served by Mrs. Potts herself

#3 Lumiére wants you to be their guest

#4 Even Chip looks adorable as hell

#5 Their menu is just to die for.

#6 Everything about it looks like a Disney tale come to life.

#7 Even Mr Cogsworth looks happy as a clam to be there.

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