Artist Depicts The Beauty And Passion That Happens In Private Between Those Deeply In Love

The love two people share in private is something artists have tried to recreate for years.

In music, in sculptures, in poetry, in books, in movies. The examples are countless because it is something that all of us, every single are pining for even if we don’t really know it for sure. After all, what kind of life is it when you don’t have someone to share the good times with?

Artist Amanda Oleander creates a series of doodles that are the most adorable things you’ve ever seen and will certainly put you in a lovey-dovey mood.

Source: Instagram | AmandaOleander 

#1 After-bath affection.

#2 Watering yourself like you’re a rose garden.

#3 Doughnuts in the bath.

#4 Eating cereal with your pooch.

#5 Watching sports together even though only one of you is invested.

#6 Stuffing yourself with chips in the nude.

#7 Cleaning up after your pet.

#8 Cooking together.

#9 Face full of hair.

#10 Dead plants and disappointment.

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