Man Shares Story Of How A Bear Accesses Their Trash By Bribing Their Dog

Nobody knew black bears were such great negotiators.

However, here we are. You see in Ontario, Canada black bears love to act like raccoons and raid people’s trash. Now this mysterious bear has been raiding one specific house for many days. While this house does have a dog, he doesn’t want to address this problem.

Rather than barking at the bear when he comes, the doggo has been bought many times with deer bones. We are still not sure where the bones came from since black bears are not known for killing deers in Ontario.

When Jesse (the dog owner) saw that his trash had been raided yet again, he decided to share this guilty part with the rest of the world. However, Jesse insists that the doggo is a good boy most of the times and usually doesn’t take bribes from bears.

Source: Twitter

The is the good boy who has been taking bribes all this time.

Well, that is why you should pay your workers.

Those are quite ‘juicy’ bones.

And he seems quite happy with himself.

That bear did a number on your trash, eh?

The only choice after all.

Although he has the most innocent face I’ve ever seen…

Are we sure he is helping this bear?

After all, we don’t want to put the wrong suspect in the dog jail.

I’m glad that he’s safe.

As you can imagine, people had a lot to say about this good boi.

Probably a black mask?

Some people were worried about the dog’s safety.

But Jesse assured them.

Don’t you mean the best duo?

That is great news.

Great advice.

Is this what the world has come to?

Exactly what I said.

We demand a revolution.

If they can work together, why can’t humans?

He definitely solved this problem.

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