10+ Ways That Will Help You To Be Little More OK In 2018

Going into the New Years with ways to feel a little better is always an exciting idea. Especially after this year, we all need help.

So, has 2017 been hard for you? Are you still looking for those little moments, tips or ideas that could lift you up and make you feel a little better in the year to come? We all are almost rounding up 2017 and entering into the new year with resolutions.  So to help you, we summed up some of the best mental health tips for all of you. We hope and wish that these tips bring some changes to your life.

#1 Give yourself a break from the news.

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No matter how much you try, you cannot stay up to date on everything. You are a human after all, and you have a certain capacity to cop up with things. Set a specific time for scrolling down the news. Don’t start reading it everywhere. Disable notifications, uninstall particular apps and only read stuff by the end of the day, just to sum it up. Whatever rule you apply, you just have to keep in mind that it’s time to relax now a bit.

#2 Make your social media good by following accounts that are related to what your inner self really likes.

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Be it cute puppies, amazing food or funny memes on Instagram. Try to bring a little fun to your day by watching your favorite stuff.

#3 Try out different things until you finally know what you need for your self-care and happiness.

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Don’t go into the lost meaning of self-care. Effective self-care is what actually works for you when you think to look after yourself. That should genuinely make you feel better. Make a list of things after experimenting with what is the perfect combination that can work in the moments when you will be feeling low. It can be any small thing, like even watching your favorite show, having your favorite food alone or a good hot bath.

#4 Friendships are temporary like life, and it’s not your failure.

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People change while growing up and that is the bitter reality of life. And if your friendship is becoming toxic for you or you don’t like it, stop compromising and let it go even if it’s hard.

#5 Have Safety Outfits for bad days.

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Looking good does help, and it can slightly light up your mood when you’re low. Getting up on a bad mental health day is itself a horrible experience that you don’t even feel like getting out of the bed, so getting ready for anything becomes a far stretched idea. We understand you don’t care what you look like even if you go out but always prepare yourself a little bit anyway.

You can always come up with two reliable outfits. One can be a comfortable dress, and the other can be a safety outfit to make you look and feel good about yourself so that could help a little to get you through your bad day.

#6 A folder of Happy Screenshots helps a lot.


Okay so you’re a human, and you have feelings. Those nice texts from friends, cute messages from crushes, hilarious tinder pick up attempts or encouraging feedback from bosses. Save every bit of it. You’ll like reading it when you are down.

#7 Be More Open To What You Feel. Don’t Keep Them To Yourself.

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Being humans, we share the same insecurities. The moment you will start opening up about it and express the good or bad feelings, you will observe that a lot of people are going through the same. Once you’ll see that yourself, you will feel less stressed.

#8 Plan Your Things Ahead of Time.

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There are things that you really want to do, but you seem to be cancelling them down at the last moment just because you don’t feel good. For that purpose, plan your things in advance and make it a priority which should not depend on your mood but what you really want. You can also take help from therapists to plan things out.

#9 Develop an expensive habit that is actually good for your health too.

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A good skin-care routine or wearing fancy artisanal teas. It should be something that makes you feel special and give you the top of the world feels.

#10 Good books or podcasts help you in so many ways.

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A book that might teach you something new, podcasts that make you feel less alone or anything offering you a different perspective even it is way too out of your genre, grab it!

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