What This Artist Did With These Banned Books Would Leave You Amazed

People should have the right to read and believe what they want to.

If you think you’re rebellious and go to great lengths to prove a point, you haven’t met 74-year-old artist Marta Minujin from Argentina.

Minujin found the most creative way to express their opposition towards political repression by building a replica of the Greek Parthenon, from 100,000 banned books!

Minujin researched about books that were banned in countries all over the world and included them in the project.

The project was part of the Documenta 14 Art Festival held in Kassel, Germany. 170 book titles were chosen to be utilised in the Parthenon, which was built using only books, plastic sheets, and steel.

The Parthenon is constructed on an important site, too.

It is built on a historic site where Nazis set fire to over two thousand books in 1933 to support a censorship campaign. The artist got help from Kassel Univerity students and successfully created the Parthenon.

More info: documenta14.de (h/t: mmm)

Roman März





“Where they burn books, at the end, they also burn people.” – Heinrich Heine.









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