Company’s Christmas Baking Competition Goes Wrong After They Used A Secret Hashtag That Furries Use

How badly have you messed up recently?

Like the worst possible thing you could have done. Did you break someone’s heart? Did you steal something? Did you destroy a vase by accident?

And is it comparable to accidentally promoting a baking competition in a furry community? Because that’s what the Warburton bakery accidentally did.

After they used the hashtag #CrumpetCreations, which they now have changed to #WarburtonsChristmasCrumpets, the tags were… All over the place.


But what exactly is a furry? This helpful Twitterite explained:

There was an actual mature conversation about it.

But you can’t help but be embarrassed for the bakery.

Because we just learned who they lumped themselves with, albeit by accident.

The confusion sort of makes sense.


Crumpet Creations does sound a little NSFW.


I wonder how long it’ll take for the internet to forget.

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