This Girl’s Story Of Her Pet That She Calls “A Big Bag Of Assholes On Dinosaur Legs” Is Truly Fascinating

Animal rescuing is a great profession.

Animal rescuers are one of the most humane people ever. They put so much effort and invest a lot of time in taking care, loving, playing and finding new homes for abandoned and abused animals. Their tough job can range from waking up early in the morning to check on pets to late night trips to the vet in emergency cases. One of the toughest decisions for animal rescuers to make is refusing to foster animals due to less space in their shelter. But, they rarely refuse any animal and accommodate them, since they deserve to be happy and feel loved.

However, there is an animal rescuer who decided to foster an emu despite being reluctant at first and regretted it immediately. Following is how she described what happened after she adopted an emu, and it’s totally hilarious. Scroll below and enjoy!


#1 Animal Rescuing.

#2 The first appearance of the legendary emu.


#3 “Emus are mammals. We took a vote.”

#4 Leela The Indestructible saves the day.

#5 Cute and annoying at the same time.

#6 “Gus was delicious.”

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