Vancouver Police Released Their 2019 VPD K9 And It Features Some Badass Police Doggos

Vancouver Police Department released their 2019 VPD canine calendar!

The Vancouver police department just recently released their 2019 canine calendar. And this calendar is legit pawsome! The calendar features some action-packed photographs of their police dogs and their handlers in their best crime-fighting poses.

The badass police doggos have also struck some of their best poses for this calendar. If you’re interested in purchasing the calendar, then you can head to their website and buy this calendar for just 15 bucks. What’s more, all the money raised goes to the BC Cancer Foundation and the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

The calendar was initially created by a retired sergeant, Mike Anfield, in honour of his wife. The sergeant’s wife, Candy was also a police officer who died of breast cancer in 2004. $32,000 were raised by VPD’s 2018 Canine Calendar. Moreover, the calendar sales have raised more than $200,000 since 2010.

Check out the pawsome calendar below:

Via VPD Canine Unit

‘K-9’s looking heckin’ good.’

‘After a lengthy interrogation, PSD Jack/Cst. Howson-Jones got Mr.Bentley to confess that the 2019 Calendar is the best one ever! Case closed.’

‘Constable Warren Butterman and his furry partner “Hawk”, showing off their new 2019 Canine Calendar.’

‘If you’re picking it up at the Police Department in Vancouver, Volunteer pooch Cypress might be around the office to give you a big kiss!’

The 2019 calendars are on sale, so grab your copies now and help raise money for the BC Cancer Foundation and the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Let us know what you think of the calendar in the comments below!

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