Twitterite Has Put The Back Up Story Together Of The ‘Distracted Boyfriend Meme’ & It’s Messed Up

Just yesterday, the internet was flooding with “distracted boyfriend” memes.

The meme was based on an iStock photo of a very rude boyfriend checking out another girl. While his girlfriend who was walking with him looked like she would throw a fit any second. However, anything can be speculated from this three persons interaction, simply by assigning identities to them.

Twitter user Andrew J Abernathy flipped the construct upside down and assigned an entire life to one of the meme’s characters.

Abernathy was casually messing around iStock when he came across the original photo and a bunch of pictures featuring the same people.

And he couldn’t resist rearranging the photos, focusing on the poor girlfriend.

Grab your tissues ladies because this is going to be one heck of a sappy ride!

Bad news…

He’s not really that into you. 

That’s why he’s the one that got away.

That doesn’t look too good.

Here’s why you should never fall for the d-bag.

Surprise, surprise!

This way you’re never getting over him.

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