Babysitter Explains Why She Never Accepts Children Who Are Asleep And It’s Eyeopening

The reason is not what you think.

You might think that no one should accept sleeping children because they might panic when they wake up and see themselves in unfamiliar surroundings right? Well, that is not it.

The actual truth is far more dark and scary than it might seem at first. Many of us tend to use babysitters when we are too busy to actually take care of children ourselves and parents usually have strict policies that they put the babysitter through.

Well, Internet user Twatermellon explains how her old daycare centre had many strict policies as well. One of the rules stated that no kid should be asleep when they take them in. I know it sounds rude to wake up a child from their deep slumber, but they had a perfectly good reason for it.

Scroll down below and take a look at what the actual reason was.

Source: Twatermellon

Trust me; there’s good logic.

Via Ryan Polei

Even though parents would sometimes get angry at them.

And the reason is not as innocent as we thought.

It seems that the Grandma just wanted to blame the sitter.

And this is the first time this has happened either.

Via James Schwartz

The Granny used to do this all the time.

Every daycare centre and babysitter should adhere to this policy.

Thankfully this baby was saved, but everyone might not be so lucky.

People commented about their own stories regarding this policy.

It turns out not many people know about this.

Thankfully we know now.

How can people be so cruel!?

Social workers deserve a lot more praise than they get.

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