12-Year Old Baby Sitter Encouraged a little girl, 11 years later she gets this heartwarming letter

Sometimes to achieve great victories in life, we just need an encouraging smile, a pat on our shoulder or some words of inspiration. These gestures may seem small, but as we will learn from the heartwarming story of this babysitter, we can see that they can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

When Raquel was 12 years old, she used to babysit a beautiful little girl who loved to draw.

She always encouraged her to draw beautiful things and would praise the child’s art in an Olympian Announcer’s style. This encouragement fueled the little girl’s passion for pursuing her dream with more vigor.

Now years later, when the little girl is all grown up, she has been accepted at three major art schools. She did not forget  to show her gratitude to Raquel for her support in the sweetest way possible.

Raquel couldn’t help but share the most heartwarming “Thank You” she ever received.

People felt the warmth of this beautiful story and poured in their love and appreciation.

So, remember your support and kind words of appreciation can bring about the best in someone. We should spread positivity around us through love and appreciation; creativity would thrive in such a beautiful environment and dreams will come true. We would love to hear any of your Silver Lining experiences. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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