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People Keep Sending Chrissy Teigen Photos Of John Legend Lookalike Babies

People Keep Sending Chrissy Teigen Photos Of John Legend Lookalike Babies

Her husband is babyfied.

Of course you’ve heard of John Legend. Ironically, the man lives up to his name, and is in fact a legend. He’s done practically everything, including singing, dancing, songwriting and acting. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

But have you heard that he’s also really good at looking like babies? Or maybe babies look like him, I’m not too sure on that. Celebrities can find their lookalikes anywhere just because of how famous they are, even in animals. However, baby lookalikes is still a new thing.

John Legend doesn’t have just one. In fact, he has a legendary number of baby lookalikes. This all started in 2014 with one harmless image.But it was a catalyst to something beautiful.

Many People Followed Suit.

Even Some Pictures Of Bathing Babies.

All of these babies share some resemblance to John Legend one way or another. After getting tired of all the pictures. Chrissy Teigen finally weighed in as a fan presented another theory. “Maybe these babies don’t look like John Legend at all. Maybe John Legend… just looks like a baby.”

Mind Blown!

Even John Legend Agrees.

However, when the pictures still didn’t stop.  Chrissy Teigen tried a less calm approach. I don’t blame her though as anyone would get tired of these. “A LOT OF BABIES LOOK LIKE HIM, STOP SENDING ME JOHN BABIES.”

John Legend does not have baby lookalikes. He just looks like a baby.

I wonder what that says about Chrissy Teigen.

At least he’ll always younger than he should. He’ll practically have a baby face all his life. Comment on below of what you think of the theory? Do you think he just has a baby face or is it the other way around?

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