Pregnant Woman Captured Her Weekly Bump Photos With Disney Magic In It And The Results Are Amazing

Disney truly is the happiest place on Earth.

I’m quite sure PBandJellyJenn sees it that way. You see, she’s always been a big fan of Disney. That was because her parents would often take her to Disneyland when she was a kid, and she says that ‘the sense of and magic and wonder has just never faded’.

So when she met Peter Boonsom and they started dating. Peter surprisingly became quite a big fan of Disney himself. They have over 22k followers on Instagram and also have a popular blog Our PB&J Adventure Book.

Then more recently, she got pregnant. And now, together, they’re showing off the baby bump with just a sprinkle of Disney magic,

22 Weeks.

Via PBandJellyJenn

Disney became their happy place. They experienced all the magical moments right there including their first “I love you.”, their proposal and even their fairytale wedding. One thing, however, was missing from their ‘happily ever after’.

24 Weeks.

Via PBandJellyJenn

The couple began trying for a baby in 2015. Sadly, they struggled for months to conceive. The next year, they were ecstatic when they learned that Jenn was pregnant. The pregnancy, however, ended in a miscarriage.

“We were crushed, but we kept hope that the future still held something bright for us.”

25 Weeks.

Via PBandJellyJenn

The couple again had hope when only a few months later, Jenn became pregnant again. Just when they thought that their baby was safe at 21 weeks, they were heartbroken to learn that their baby had several major heart defects. They sadly lost him soon after.

“Our world came crashing down on us. We were left shattered and completely heartbroken.”

26 Weeks.

Via PBandJellyJenn

They didn’t lose hope. As the Fairy Godmother inCinderella said “Even miracles take a little time’, and for them, the little time was managed through with Hope & Hearts’. In it, they would remind each other that there was something amazing in store for them.

27 Weeks.

Via PBandJellyJenn

And there was something great in store for them after all. You see, In May 2017 Jenn got pregnant again. It was also the same week she had lot their son in January. “It truly felt like our angel son was looking out for us from up above!” said Jenn.

This time however they wanted to incorporate a little bit of Disney magic in their pregnancy.

28 Weeks.

Via PBandJellyJenn

Disney was a huge source of happiness during my darkest of times in our pregnancy journey. You could definitely say that Disney helped me find my smile again.


29 Weeks.

Via PBandJellyJenn

Jenn always dresses up in super cute Disney inspired ensembles while holding a peanut plush toy.

30 Weeks.

Via PBandJellyJenn

We’re nicknamed ‘PB&J’ or ‘Peter Butter and Jelly Jenn,’ she explains, so naturally, our little one has been called our little ‘Peanut.’ Peter hand made our little peanut plush to be our mascot while we were healing.

It represents all the love and hope we have for our Baby PB&J on the way!


31 Weeks.

Via PBandJellyJenn

They also visit Disneyland during her pregnancy, and they believe that their little baby boy is already a huge Disney fan. I mean he did kick up a storm during the ‘It’s A Small World‘ attraction.

32 Weeks.

Via PBandJellyJenn

We can’t wait to see the world (and Disney) through his eyes. This little one has no idea just how much we love him already and he’s not even here yet.


They are living to the fullest in the meantime though and can’t wait to meet their bundle of joy. We all wish them well and that they may get their happily ever after.

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