Ed Sheeran’s Two Year Old Double Along With Other Baby Celebrity Doubles

Ever thought that the baby you saw the other day looks strikingly like Leonardo DiCaprio? Or maybe had a more Jennifer Lopez vibe? Honestly, to me, babies all look like wet potatoes, but that’s just me. But you know, it might just be possible that the resemblance isn’t your imagination. It could might as well be uncanny.

Collected here is a list of little babies who look like celebrities!

#1 This two year old girl who looks like Ed Sheeran

This little girl broke the internet! When her picture first showed up, everyone was fawning over how cute and Sheeran-esque she was! She looks more like Ed Sheeran than Ed Sheeran does.

#2 This baby who scowls exactly like Gordon Ramsay

This baby’s scowl looks more like Gordon Ramsay than Gordon Ramsay does. I can literally hear the baby telling me that the pork is so raw, it’s still singing Hakuna Matata.

#3 This little kid giving the Danny Devito laugh

Just look at the little guy’s laugh!

#4 This baby who has the John Legend look

This child is going to grow up to become a singing sensation, just you wait.

#5 This little kid who thinks he’s the Royal Prince

He looks so excited. “Mommy, I’m on the cover of the magazine!” Yes you are, little man, yes you are.

#6 The baby who smiles like Wallace Shawn

I honestly think this baby looks like a wet potato which looks like Wallace Shawn.

#7 This little boy who has the Jay-Z perpetual look of confusion down

This child has more of a chance to get Beyoncé to look twice than I do. Fresh out of the womb and already with more game than I do.

#8 The baby who will not let you pass

The kid has the Gandalf wrinkles! He’s more of a magical wizard at six months than I am in twenty years.

#9 This little boy who looks like the Thinker: Vladamir Putin Edition

If you want a child to look like the president of Russia, this kid’s Putin you in your place.

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