10+ Awkward Things That Happen During Actual Intercourse That P*rn Never Shows You

Don’t expect too much.

Always go by that rule. Whether its life in general or sex, just don’t expect too much. And how do we expect too much from sex? When we’re obsessed with porn that makes us fantasize the “perfect” situation. Well, let me just tell you…

It isn’t like that at all.

Its weird, awkward, and even funny at times. And if you’re doing it with someone you love, it’s actually beautiful. You’re not just pounding someone until you’re tired.

So, a few users at AskReddit shared their experiences, to help you understand what it’s actually like. Read them below:

#1 She’s going to do a funny walk to the bathroom soon after.

#2 Accidents.

#3 Wrong hole. WRONG HOLE!

#4 “It’s been 5 minutes. I need to pee!”

#5 Tip: Help each other take them off.

#6 It’ll sound funny, but don’t laugh unless she does too.

#7 She owes you soda, bro.

#8 It’ll relieve you.

#9 Prepare yourself.

#10 Especially if you’re on anti-depressants.

#11 Don’t let it kill your mood.

#12 Try to tie your hair before doing it.

#13 You’ll also get cramps, especially if you’re in an uncomfortable position.

#14 You won’t get to see that in porn.

#15 The risk of creating a little one.

#16 Keep checking with your partner.

#17 “I’m sorry I accidentally coughed on your face.”

#18 Eat mint or something.

#19 Awkward moments.

#20 Laughing during it is actually healthy for your relationship.

#21 Change the sheets, guys.

#22 You actually are.

#23 That stare.

#24 Just deep, passionate kisses.

#25 Trust me, making love is much better than just having sex.

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