10+ Absolutely Awkward Moments From The Golden Globes

Who said Celebrities couldn’t be awkward?

After all, they are humans. And humans are inherently awkward creatures. While Golden Globes is pretty glamorous and all, there can be some super awkward moments in between.

Those are the moments we are going to be talking about today.

#1 When Debra called out E! for paying the male co-hosts more than the females.

#2 The following super awkward kiss.

#3 When James Franco didn’t let Tommy Wiseau make his speech.


#4 Are we supposed to clap?


#5 And there is Alexander Skarsgård speech.


#6 Seems like Dakota Johnson’s dress is more important.

#7 Halle Berry indeed.


#8 Apparently Rita Moreno is just a ‘guest.’

Via Twitter

#9 Mariah wanted to be filmed from her good side.


#10 Bianca wore red even though most celebrities were wearing black to make a statement against sexual harassment.

Via Alberto E. Rodriguez

#11 The Assassination of Gianni Versace cast stood there in silence since no one knew who was supposed to talk.


#12 This joke from Fatih Akin’s.


#13 Some shade from Natalie Portman.


#14 Then there is Guillermo del Toro who dragged the sound guys.

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