10+ Teachers Who Are Too Awesome And Way Too Extra For The Millennials

When flashbacks of your carefree school days hit you, there’s always that one teacher who stands out in your mind. However, only some of them are thought of favorably. While others just weren’t good enough to make it to the list of “good teachers,” memories of good teachers will always be cherished in the back of your mind. They are often the ones who helped you shape your lives in many ways.

And for those of you who remember the good teachers, this post is just for you! These teachers aren’t just amazing, but they are making a difference that is going to last for years to come.

Here are 10+ teachers who are too awesome and way too extra for the millennials:

1. This professor took care of a student’s child because she couldn’t afford a babysitter. He delivered the lecture like this.

2. Better pay attention.

3. The unconventional teacher.

4. Creating history. Literally.

5. Are you?

6. Cats are liquid.

7. Inspiration through art.

8. Who needs a ruler when you have a chair?

9. This teacher made a promise that if everybody got good grades on the test, he’d dress up as Scooby Doo and bring non-alcoholic champagne.

10. Take a picture; it’ll last longer.

11. She found a stray kitten near the school.

12. R.I.P Pluto.

13. Celebrating Pi day.

14. Conducting a physics experiment.

15. This teacher wears her students’ drawings on the last day of school.

16. Don’t you try and act smart.

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