Artist Creates Thought-provoking Illustrations To Raise Awareness About Mistreatment Of Animals

Animals have been suffering cruelty at the hands of humans since forever.

Humans are heartless. They have been misusing animals for their own luxury and entertainment. Animals are living creatures. They have feelings and suffer pain too. Humans have become selfish. They see nothing beyond their own needs. Animals are the ones that are paying the ultimate price for the greed of humans. This needs to stop. Enough is enough. Time has changed and people are slowly realising that there is much more to animals than what we want from them.

We can’t even begin to imagine what the life of mistreated animals is like. However, there have been a lot of movements lately for animal rights. Artists have come forward with awareness projects as well. One artist has started the project named “Murder Scene” which demonstrates the cruelty animals have to go through. It will certainly open your eyes. Scroll down below and check it out:

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1. Ivory is still greatly valued.

2. Forcing bulls to fight.

Bull fighting isn’t a joke. It’s barbaric. -RL

3. Bats during COVID-19.

omfg this is so important right now -Lauren Michlin

4. Declawing cats.

De-clawing is illegal in the UK, with good reason. It’s like cutting off a cat’s fingertips. -Jackie Wacky

5. Horse races.

Animal cruelty is not a new subject. Since animals have to co-exist with humans, and humans are considered the superior species, they just have to live with whatever humans put them through. And most of it is just sad because animals can’t fight us back.

6. White tiger skin.

7. Poisoning animals to get rid of them.

8. Rhino horns.

Why do they still value rhino horns in China in the 21st century??? -Joy Lozano

9. Testing on lab rats.

The rat needs hugs? I hug the rat. Rat need HUGGIES!!! -TheHerpLover

10. Breeding dogs for resale purposes.

This almost got me in tears. Why can’t people just let dogs give birth naturally? And if they don’t want to, just fix them?

11. Free the dolphins!

I really hope they stop capturing animals from the wild to show them off in zoos. It’s better to appreciate them in their natural habitats and not as part of capitalism. I also hope they stop forcing them to breed. -Libye

12. “Grumpy cat” has something to say.

13. Vaquita.

It is a vaquita. There are about 30 left in the wild. -QueenFisher

14. Sharks can’t survive without their fins.

these sharks die without fins. they need them to swim, sharks always need to keep moving, and without fins, they can’t, and die 🙁 its so sad. would you like it if someone cut you arms and feet off, and then didn’t care if you slowly bled to death? -Mari

15. Tearing apart their scales.

What disgusts me the most is that most of these cruelties are done for human entertainment. Just for a few laughs and to have something to do, humans put these animals through so much pain. Pets suffer from our selfishness too. Such as ear-cropping for pit bulls and declawing cats. Is there no end to this?

16. Force-feeding ducks.

People force feed ducks just to get good liver out of them. It’s gross. -fatso ratso

17. Humans disgust me.

18. Climate change is real.

19. Special K-9 units.

20. Wild boars.

Those traps are illegal! -Noez

21. Polar bears are being affected by global warming.

22. Whipping donkeys.

23. Painting turtles.

Why would anyone paint a turtle?! -Jenna Ruiz

24. Using bear bile.

Bear bile has been used in traditional Asian medicine for thousands of years. It contains high levels of ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) known to be useful for treating liver and gall bladder conditions. However, there are now many readily available herbal and synthetic alternatives with the same medicinal properties

25. Poor monkeys.


Zoos. Not those who breed for a species survival, but those for entertainment. -RL

26. Tortoises can’t swim.

it’s true. turtles go into the ocean, not tortoises. -Lauren Michlin

27. Cutting off deer antlers.

Antlers fall off every year. You can actually sustainably harvest them -Samantha Lomb

28. I’m out of words for this one.

Google, if you dare, Pony the Orangutan. There is a…semi-happy ending to it but…yeah. YUCK.

29. These Cougars are extinct now.

30. Euthanizing them.

It all happens where a dog from Thailand accidentally boarded a cargo ship en route to Hong Kong. Their Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department euthanized the dog with the reason that it came from area with rabies outbreak. -Hubert Wee

31. Stray dogs need their own space.

No, it’s trapped in a dog catcher net thing

32. There is no limit to human selfishness.

I didn’t understand this at first but entrapping Civets for tourism and some “better” coffee? Mmm yummy animal diarrhoea! Who even tested that in the first place? -Tess

33. Dinosaurs.

How did this make you feel? I hope it opened up a lot of people’s eyes because animals have suffered for far too long now. Let us know ways to help these poor babies in the comments below!

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