Jimmy Kimmel Asked The “Avengers” Cast To Read Mean Tweets About Themselves & Twitter Is Brutal

“Elizabeth Olsen has weird f**king thumbs!”

Don’t get me wrong, that is not me saying that. Those are the words of some harsh Twitter critics. While I digress that her thumbs are a bit unique, they aren’t particularly weird.

Okay, I’m getting off topic here, we aren’t only going to talk about Elizabeth Olsen’s weird thumbs today. We are going to talk about many mean things about the celebrities in Infinity War.

Yes, we are talking about Mean Tweets, a segment of Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show. So let’s being, shall we?

Source: Youtube 

How is that surprising? Looking like a bug with buck teeth is the newest ‘it’ thing.

Damn, I never knew that I was apparently a bland vanilla man.

The first part can be considered an opinion, but the second part is just…wow.

Maybe because people are paying more attention towards the acting range rather than his looks.

His face right now does make him look like a potato if I am being honest. No offense.

It’s either beetle, muskrat or a roach. He can’t be all three. Choose one!

He might have been missing his leg days for quite a while.

And she has proven that with this quick demonstration.

At least he is taking the insults in stride.

Okay, now that I’ve looked at them side by side, I can’t ever ignore that.

I don’t doubt that actually.

First, you call him lizard, then a frog, and now this?

At least he’s still doing better than you.

She probably thinks she is Karen Gillan, what about you?

This tweet is an insult, and a compliment rolled into one.

Why not say it for the 601st time?

Short and simple. I like it.

I honestly have no idea what to say to this.

You can check the whole video below.

What did you think of these mean tweets? Have any more meaner tweets to add? Why not write them down in the comments?

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