Autistic Kid Went To School With A Hidden Recorder In Backpack, Ended Up Getting Two Teachers Fired

This is certainly something no one would expect from teachers.

Image credits: WBRZ Channel 2

After listening to the recording, Milissa didn’t waste another second and immediately took the recording to the school board.

Image credits: WBRZ Channel 2

She played the recording in front of the board and it was such a solid evidence that no further proof was needed and there was nothing that the board could have said to justify this inhuman act.

Upon hearing it, the Principal, Lisa Stone, fired two of the teachers who were on the recording.

Image credits: WBRZ Channel 2

The teachers got what they deserved. But this should have never happened. Poor Camden did not deserve this.

Here is the actual recording that spread like wildfire on the interet and made every sane person angry.

Second teacher fired after school staff caught mocking autistic child in audio recording

WATCH: Tonight the mother of a special needs student who was mocked by his teachers is thanking Baton Rouge and the rest of the nation for standing behind her son: "It would just make his day to know that this many people cared about him."FULL STORY:

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This is how everyone on the internet responded.

This was indeed an alarming and upsetting incident, and everyone agrees with it.“I’m sad and heartbroken that this happened to Camden,” this is what Milissa originally told Bored Panda. “I am his biggest advocate and his biggest fighter for justice. No child should have to have this happen to them. I brought this to light because I wanted my son to be the last kid that this happened to at this school. This is happening all over the world, and people need to learn to accept kids and adults with Autism. They have a light in them that shines so bright.”

So for all of you out there who think its okay to treat someone like this just because they act differently and were born this way, you guys need some serious help.

However, things are looking up for Camden now, as he left that school and is happily studying in another one. His new teacher over there has a degree in special ed, Applied Behavior Analysis, and a minor in psychology. So, he is definitely in good hands and is being treated in a much better way than he was before. But that traumatic experience was too much for him, and he still suffers from it. But, we all wish him the best and hope that he will be alright soon.

So what are your thoughts on this incident? Have you ever seen something like this before? Did you expect the teachers to behave in such a way with children? That too, children with disorders that need extra attention and care. Drop a comment below and share your views with us.

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