Autistic Kid Went To School With A Hidden Recorder In Backpack, Ended Up Getting Two Teachers Fired

“People need to learn to accept kids and adults with Autism.”

Autism isn’t a DISEASE. Autism isn’t something to run away from. Autistic people are not to be hated just because they were born that way. How hard is it to understand this? Not that hard right? But, we surely can’t say the same for this School teacher who bullied a kid just because he had autism.

This article is about a 13-year-old kid named Camden, who suffers from a severe form of Autism. And, just in case if you don’t know the difficulties faced by autistic kids: their general development rate is different than the other kids. For example, some autistic kids would learn a certain thing at a relatively slower rate than the other kids.They have a hard time communicating since they have slurred speech. Also, they tend to avoid any sort of physical contact and hate loud noises and sounds. All these problems and many more make social interaction hard for people with this disorder.

So now since the concept is clear and this is out of the way, let’s take a look at what happened with this kid. Scroll down and have a look at everything in sequence.

Here is the 12-year-old kid, Camden Davis, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Image credits: WBRZ Channel 2

He was previously enrolled in the Hope Academy. Hope Academy was primarily for special children to help them with their difficulties and provide them a medium where they could understand and learn at their own pace and feelĀ accepted and happy.

Camden’s mother, Milissa, was happy that her son was enrolled in such a great place.

Image credits: Milissa Davis

The school promised quality education and a very friendly environment, and that was the most reassuring thing for Melissa, and she felt lucky to have found this school.

“Hope” Academy.

Image credits: WBRZ Channel 2

Even though Camden had been going to this school for almost a year, some things didn’t seem quite right.

Everything came to a halt when Melissa started noticing something very unusual.

Image credits: Google Maps

Despite having known this school for its lovely environment and friendly behavior with children with special needs, there was something terrible going on that put Melissa into suspicion.

According to Milissa, Camden would often seem sad, depressed, “unhappy” and would even wet his bed at times.

Image credits: Milissa Davis

This was very strange as Camden had never shown all these signs in a very long time, especially he had not wet his bed ever since the age of 3.

The worried Mother tried getting in contact with the school management, but they did not entertain her.

Image credits: Milissa Davis

Things kept getting worse and progressively severe with each passing day, and Camden started becoming more aggressive.

Even though the situation seemed hopeless, the worried Mother did not give up and in fact, came up with a brilliant idea.

Image credits: WBRZ Channel 2

She hid a voice recorder inside Camden’s school bag. She wanted to know if something was wrong at the school since she couldn’t get him to tell her that.

So one day in complete secrecy she hid a tiny recorder in his backpack.

Image credits: Spy Equipment UK (not an actual photo)

She obviously hoped that everything is fine. It was just to be sure.

But, it turns out everything was not okay. When she played the recording, it left her in complete SHOCK.

Image credits: WBRZ Channel 2

The TEACHERS were bullying Camden.

This is so pathetic.

Image credits: WBRZ Channel 2

It was not his imagination, not his friends, not his classmates, but the school teachers.

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