10+ Times Australian Slang Confused The Heck Out Of Tumblr

You’re going to be quite confused by the time you leave here.

I was not aware that Australians had a completely different language. I mean, I understand that every country has a different accent, but the following posts prove that most of Tumblr has no idea what the hell these people are talking about.

Don’t misunderstand though as I am not insulting any Australian at all, but you have to admit; it is quite confusing for any non-Australian. So scroll on below and get ready to read a lot of ‘goon sack’ and ‘ute’.

#1 Weirdly enough, that does make sense.

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#2 Neither do I.

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#3 I think she is pulling a fast one on us. At least I hope.

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#4 Wait, some people do that?

Via locke-ripped-his-clothes-off

#5 ‘Backs away slowly’.

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#6 Okay wow.

Via mcride/

#7 I am not Australian, but even I use that.

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#8 Doritos are not CHIPS!

Via jennaguillaume

#9 We are very thankful for the translation.

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#10 Did we make a new language?

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#11 Really? What the heck is Macca’s?

Via jennaguillaume

#12 So am I.

Via floatonwords

#13 I think I am getting more confused by the moment.

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#14 Oh indeed.

Via australians-assemble

#15 Okay, I am going to use that.

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