Twitter User Shares Embarrassing Story Of How She Furiously Ate Another Person’s Pastry

There’s nothing as entertaining as someone’s real-life embarrassing story

Let’s face it; we have all had our uncomfortable and awkward moments. Though not all embarrassing stories are funny, most of the time they are so with that in mind, we will just move forward. Previously, we have seen a lot of instances where people shared their embarrassing moments with us: some were caught by their parents while “doing it”; some talked about their awkward moments in the doctor’s office; while others shared stories that are so cringey that it’ll make us wish we never saw them in the first place!

But, whichever story we talk about, one thing is for sure and that’s they’re all hilarious! However, some moments in life are often a bit different; they are funny in the beginning, but later we realise just how wrong we were for making assumptions and not acting by the situation. The following story is exactly like that.

Scroll down and read exactly how the Twitter user describes it.

French Pastries

Just another regular day at the cafe until…

Well, that’s starting to get a little awkward.

Woah, that was brave!

Why is that woman not bothered by anything?!

It looks like there’s only one thing to do!

That’s a fair point, I guess.

Oh no…

Can we please just reverse time and pretend we didn’t read that? If you picture yourself as her, you will realise that not only were you eating the other woman’s pastry but also she didn’t say a word the whole time. I guess we just assume way too much sometimes.

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