People Are Sharing Cat Photos In Response To The Barcelona Attack For A Brilliant Reason

Spanish Twitter Users Fight Back Against Barcelona Attacks In An Interesting Way.

13 people have been killed and over a 100 have been injured by the recent Barcelona attacks. Twitter users that have been keeping others updated on the attacks have decided to start fighting back, using what we would least expect. Cat pictures.

Now to many, this won’t make any sense, but the reasoning behind it does, is smart and rather simple.

On August 17th, the Official National Police Account of Spain tweeted out:

“Out of respect for the victims and their families, please, do not share images of (those) injured in a trampling of #Ramblas of Barcelona.”


In response, Twitter users are flooding the #Barcelona with photos, videos, and gifs of cats to hopefully bury any propaganda that may be spread by the suspects about the attacks. It is also to keep anyone else from watching the hashtag for information from finding what they’re looking for. Something similar like this happened in Brussels, successfully hiding police activity while it was happening.This is also helping to keep graphic and upsetting images from coming up on people’s timelines.

Many of the tweets also contain happy reminders about the world and use hashtags such as #FuerzaBarcelona and #LasRamblas.

Of course, not everyone on Twitter is using this strange strategy of prevention,

But more people join each day. Hopefully, through this unusual method, Twitter users can prevent any future attacks in Barcelona, or at the very least, make them much harder to plan.


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