10+ Times Asians Wore Wildly Offensive Shirts And They Had No Idea What Was Written On Them

Beware: you might even want one of these.

You’ve probably seen some really offensive slogans out there but what you are about the see here is on another level.

These Asians were seen casually wearing some abusive clothes out in public and people could not resist but take photos. Not just the adults, but even the kids are wearing shirts with some really disrespectful clauses.

Here they are.

1. Really, Nike?

2. How accurate.

3. Well, she’s kinda right I guess.

4. It’s not that healthy, but you gotta satisfy your appetite.

5. Oh, bless his future.

6. I’m with him on this one.

7. That’s really rude for a 7-year-old.

8. I actually want this for myself.

9. We all have those days.

10. Same.

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