Arya And Brienne’s Fight’s Been Edited With Lightsabers And Nothing Could Be More Amazing

The Sparring Match Between Arya And Brienne Was Awesome.

So there was only way it could have gotten even more amazing. With lightsabers. They make awesome things even more awesome.

A Yotuber Named Omid G Granted Our Wish.

He has made many fight scenes in the show look like they were shot with actual lightsabers instead of silly old swords. Honestly the result is amazing. You wouldn’t even believe that this is edited in if you were one of the few who still hasn’t watched Game Of Thrones.

The Usual Training Between Pod And Brienne Looks Nothing Less Than Amazing.

Via Omid G

Then Arya Intervened With Her…. Needle Lightsaber?

Via Omid G

The Original Sparring Match Was Amazing In It’s Own Right But This Looks Straight Up Badass.

Via Omid G

Not The First Time Game Of Thrones Has Been Given The Lightsaber Treatment Either.

Via Omid G

Another Youtuber Named EricThePooh Edited Lightsabers Into The Tower Of Joy Duel.

Via EricThePooh

This Is The Best Freaking Thing Ever.

Via Omid G
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