This 16-Year-Old Boy’s Mesmerizing Artwork Will Leave You Speechless

The world is full of talented people!

While some work hard and keep brushing-up on their skills, others are just born with pure natural talent. Either way, the world is full of people with so much potential that we can’t even begin to imagine. Just because someone is not very famous doesn’t mean they’re not special. Recently, we saw how a young Nigerian artist used social media to show the world his exceptional sketching skills by making a Portrait of his favourite stand-up comedian.

Just like that, today we are going to introduce everyone to a not so famous but exceptionally talented young Serbian artist whose drawings are so stunning that you will not believe your eyes! Scroll on below and take a look.

Facebook | dusankrtolica

Meet Dusan Krtolica, the 16-year-old Serbian artist.

Dusan has been passionate about art ever since he was only four years old.

His parents agreed to send him to art school just when he was a little boy. This is his artwork from when he was eight years old.

At nine years of age.

Drawings at 10.

At 12.

And at 13 when he came up with “The Labors of Hercules.”

When Dusan was 13, he wrote an encyclopedia of the prehistoric era that even got published in his country!

I mean, just look at the details!

No wonder he was able to get some of his work published.

He definitely deserves more recognition.

Some of these look so unreal!

You can watch him while he makes these drawings here.

Let us know what you think of this awesome art in the comments below.

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