Artist Challenges Himself To Add One Character To This Fight Scene Comic Until It Gets Too Big For Twitter

Ever bite off more than you can chew?

I mean that in both the literal sense and the figurative because there isn’t much difference. Like the story of artist Tom Gran, who, for the year 2018, challenged himself to create a fight scene. And I don’t mean just any fight scene, I mean the biggest comic fight scene the world has ever seen!

He’s adding one character to the fight every day, and it’s escalating!

From a simple interaction of two people punching each other, to a full-blown war with footballers, witches, bazookas, and who knows what else? So far, he’s added over 70 characters who come from all over the genre spectrum. What’s going to happen next? I honestly have no clue. There are eight and a half months of 2018 left, and that’s just little under 300 more characters and additions.

I look forward to seeing how it ends up! It reminds me a little about those rennaisance paintings with all those characters doing all those different things. How do artists manage to think it all through? Or do they just make stuff up as they go along? I honestly have no clue, and I wouldn’t even begin to understand. Check out Tom Gran over at his Twitter¬†for updates!

Source: Tom Gran

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