Artist’s Tribute To Their Puppies Crossing Rainbow Bridge Will Make You Cry

Well, now I’m depressed…

This guy, along with his brother and girlfriend, adopted two stray puppies and completely fell in love with them. But, this was followed by an act of nature. The puppies had caught the CD-Virus. The artist paid his tribute to the puppies with a lovely illustration; I’m sure they would’ve loved it on the other side! This is just sad…

Unfortunately, at the time of rescue, the whole group of dogs was infected by the Canine Distemper Virus. The rescuer didn’t even know about this. The puppies were given to the artist without the knowledge of their infection.

Once the symptoms were noticeable, they were taken to the vet clinic, but sadly, it was too late. CDV is a fatal virus and puppies have very minimal chance of surviving through.

The artist made an illustration for them. Also, he said –

“In Vietnam, we are lacking pet care, animal shelter and disease control protocols, many sick stray dogs are roaming the streets. We really hope to have better solutions for them, but right now Animal rescue is spontaneous and disorganized.  This comic is my prayer for my puppies.”

Artist: Dangodangoart

Grab your wipes, please.

Why god? Why?

This is just sad.

Take me with you…

This has got us in tears. What do you think about this amazingly illustrated tragedy?

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