Artist Turns Stretch Marks And Period Stains Into Stunning Art And It’s Breathtaking

  • By Aneeb
  • July 24, 2017
  • 2 minutes read

Art is everywhere. Even on your body!

Body art has been around for several years now. Tattoos are an example of body art. But that comes at the price of pain. Well, worry no more!

Are you worried about your body having scars or marks?

Cinta Tort Cartró is trying her best to eliminate this thought. The Barcelona-based artist believes that every body is worth celebrating.

She “hides” the marks, scars or stretch marks by simply using art. She paints the so called “flaws” in a woman’s body with bright rainbow colors to highlight them in the best way possible.

All bodies have (more or less) stains, hairs, freckles, stretch marks, curves, lines, wounds, wrinkles … and all are equally valid,” she says.

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“It is time for us to begin to love ours because, after all, this is our tool of communication with the world. And if we do not like the tool we use for it, we can hardly feel free.”

Castro took inspiration from her own stretch marks!

Castro mentions,

“Stretch marks are those marks that many of us have on the skin. I spent years hating them and trying to find a way to eliminate them, until I realized that if I did not accept them I was not accepting myself,”

She tells that she started self-love a few years ago because she wanted to accept everything on her body in the nicest way!

“To accept all this is to accept your roots, your history, everything in it and, after all, accept yourself,”

Castro tells,

“Stretch marks are part of our essence, our moments, our lives, our stories and us.”

Her art works surely inspires many women around the globe.



A post shared by ¿ Cinta Tort Cartró (@zinteta) on Jul 19, 2017 at 12:21am PDT

Ladies! It’s time to put the freckles and scars behind you that bother you every single day. I’m sure that after “self-love”, you will love your body even if you have weird marks.

Even if it does not hide the scars, it still looks beautiful without a doubt. A lot of women now love their body just because of Castro!

“Your body, your home, you decide.”


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