Artist Explains How Much Time It Takes Her To Draw Her Art & It’ll Make You Respect Artists Even More

Art is something appreciated by many all across the globe.

An incredible amount of effort goes into their works for us to appreciate them properly. And I mean an incredible amount of effort. There are some things they create that are so hyper-realistic and so wonderful to look at, that it must have taken them literal months to make it. Comics are faster, but full-fledged pieces take time.

Non-artists like you and I (except if you happen to be an artist yourself) don’t know exactly what goes behind the making of it. It’s possible that you might have commissioned an artist beforehand, but now you’ll see why you were getting your money’s worth. Artist Floortjesart on Instagram boasts almost 250K followers for her ability to provide high-quality artworks at a reasonable pace.

Source: floortjesart

#1 A three-hour-long piece.

#2 Just a girl and her rabbit.

#3 Detailed eyes.

#4 Feathery details.

#5 Cat eye stare.

#6 Flo lost track of time on this one.

#7 Hair braids.

#8 More hair braids.

#9 Ice lolly.

#10 Messy and tangled bun.

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