Artist Searches For Her Childhood Bully On Facebook And Shares The Harrowing Reality Of Life

Getting over your bullies is not always easy.

Trust me, I have been bullied all my life and it was really hard to let that all go and move on from the past. However, not everyone is like me, And some people hold on to the bad memories for the rest of their lives until it eats them up from the inside.

That is what happened with Meghan Lands. You see, she had been bullied since she was in school by her ‘best friend’. And she tried to repress those memories, but that clearly didn’t work and when she visited her bully’s Facebook, all those repressed memories came crawling back up.

I think a lot of us do this kind of mild self-harm where we look up people who have hurt us in the past, whether on Facebook or elsewhere. I’ve certainly done it before, and since.

I think many of us have been either picked on or the pick-onner at some point in our lives. Growing up is tough to begin with, and in school we have to contend with this social pecking order that’s constantly reasserting or reorganizing itself.

When I initially posted the comic I received so much feedback that I drew a response of sorts. A lot of people reached out to me with concerns or to share their own experiences, and I felt kind of a responsibility to respond. You can see that comic here.


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#1 This is Meghan Land, the artist behind these heartbreaking comics.

Via meghanlands.com

Bully on Facebook.

Cheap shoes.

Tense relationship.

Summer camp.

Retaliated once.

Happily married.


Unhappy childhood.

The comments were quite supportive.

A bitter moment indeed.

They were not decent humans at all.

Very true.

And that is the truly sad thing.

Letting go is indeed the only healthy option.

It really did make me think.

People just have to realize that.

I really was waiting for the revenge.

That is actually quite ironic.

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