This Artist Revamped ‘Teen Titans’ With A Modern Touch & The Results Are Too Perfect

  • By Aneeb
  • October 17, 2017
  • 3 minutes read

You’ve probably watched Teen Titans.

Everybody loves these guys. They are always there to help the good against the evil. They were so cool back in the day, but since 2013, they’ve not been so cool.

But what if Teen Titans existed in 2017?

Well, Gabriel Picolo has just the right answer for you! This guy has brought about a modern sense in the super cool action series stars.

Introducing… Teen Titans. Re-imagined!

Gabriel Picolo @_picolo via Instagram]  

Face it; the artist has put some effort to produce this beautiful artwork for teens. Let us walk through all characters one by one.

1. Robin

Gabriel Picolo @_picolo via Instagram]  

Picolo’s Robin is a much conservative figure. From the trademark domino mask to the “R” patch on his letterman jacket, to the Red X mask poking out of his backpack, everything seems to be according to the 2003 edition.

Gabriel Picolo @_picolo via Instagram]  

Every bit of the artwork is modernized. From the first picture, Robin seems to be receiving a message on his cell phone from Batman, adopting the modern theme.

2. Cyborg

Gabriel Picolo @_picolo via Instagram] 

Cyborg, being a PlayStation fan, wears a PlayStation themed jacket, showing his love for it. This dude just loved it.

“KNACK 2 BABYYYY!”Gabriel Picolo @_picolo via Instagram] 


3. Starfire

Gabriel Picolo @_picolo via Instagram]

Starfire always struggles to understand the culture of Earth. But in the re-created version of her, she seems to pull it off pretty well. Every image of Picolos’ version has a reference to space, likewise in the space patrol art.

Gabriel Picolo @_picolo via Instagram]  

The artist, like every Teen Titans fan, understands the vibes between Starfire and Robin.

4. Beast Boy

Gabriel Picolo @_picolo via Instagram] 

Beast Boy may be a stupid person, but the Nike kicks sure suit the green theme.

5. Raven

Gabriel Picolo @_picolo via Instagram] 

Raven in modern life would be perfect for a modern-styled witch. She looks perfect with all the jewellery, candles and the Ravens.


There is more to this…

Gabriel Picolo @_picolo via Instagram]

Gabriel teams up two of the Titans and tries to put forward the friendship of the characters, making the show feel more human.

Enter the Beast Boy- Raven duo!

Gabriel Picolo @_picolo via Instagram] 

This was never made official on the show, but real fans always knew what was happening.  Picolo’s work seems to take place in a universe where Beast Boy and Raven are a stable couple.


In the end, let’s give it up for Gabriel Picolo!

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