Artist Responds Brilliantly To People Who Asks Him To Draw Them For Free And Teaches Them A Lesson

Asking an artist to draw for free is like expecting to walk into a football game for free.

Have you ever been able to get a VIP pass to a concert only because you’re a huge fan of the singer’s music? No, right? Then why would you expect for an artist to draw a portrait of you for free? Art is like kindling a light in the darkness of mere being. However, artists would cease to exist if they don’t have any money for food. It may sound eerie, but there are plenty of people who ask to be drawn for free. Only because they came across an artist’s Instagram account and they liked his work.

Source: Jon Arton

Jon Arton is an artist from Birmingham, England who has received so many of such requests that he couldn’t resist but troll these people.

Arton has been getting requests for free drawings ever since he was a kid.

“I’d spend my time in class doodling insulting images of the teachers.”


“It got me in trouble a few times but was worth it for making people laugh.”


The fact that people even dared to ask him for free drawings is beyond offensive.

Arton’s career has progressed far beyond these free drawings; there are quite a few people who ask him for free sketches every week.


Little did they know that they were asking the wrong person.


“Art isn’t really seen as a job/career but more of a hobby which you enjoy, so people assume you would be happy to do it for a little bit of ‘exposure.’”

“I wish I could do drawings for free.”


“It is something I have done for giveaways to my followers online or for charity. Sadly, I have to fund my expensive pencil habit.”


Preferably, pay the artist maybe?

Hope she liked it.

And then came a request for Harry Styles.

And they dance all night to the best song ever!


And then came another request.

It is a never-ending ordeal basically.

It’s ironic how they even expect for the drawings to be delivered right away.

And that’s after having the audacity to ask for being drawn for free.

I’m already annoyed of uploading these pictures; I wonder how annoyed this guy was drawing them.

A 100 points for Jon Arton’s savagery!


Guessing games.

It’s called art.

What would you have done if as an artist you were asked to draw for free? Let us know in the comments below!

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