This Artist Replaced The Men In Classic Western Movies With Women And They All Look So Badass

  • By Asad Tipu
  • December 3, 2017
  • 3 minutes read

The wild, wild west.

Cowboy boots, gun holsters, horses, outlaws, sheriffs. The “wild west” has a certain aesthetic, a certain feel to it. Some people fall in love with it, and it’s true for the case of Massachusettes based painter Felice House.

She moved to Austin to complete her Masters, and then to Texas where she became an assistant professor of painting at Texas A&M University.

And she absolutely fell in love with it all.

“But when I actually got around to watching Western movies, I was horrified by the roles for … anybody except white men basically.”

So she wanted to reimagine her passion.

She sent out a call for models, and the response was overwhelming.

Icons like John Wayne, James Dean, and Clint Eastwood were replaced.

And shaped into women.

House says, “Women are kind of trained to make coy, approachable facial expressions,”

The paintings are magnificent.

And so much larger than you might think.

“When you see them in person, people are surprised by the scale.”

But that’s just it, she wanted people to question power.

“Issues with gender and power in the U.S. are kind of in the forefront of people’s minds, “

It started with her just photoshopping a female model’s head onto John Wayne’s body.

“It looked ridiculous, But then I thought, what if I could find a way to give this same sense of power [that iconic male heroes have] to women?”

What do you think about her pieces?

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