An Ice-Cream Company Plagiarized This Artist’s Work So He Made Them Compensate It In A Surprising Way

Adam Ellis is an illustrator who used to work for Buzzfeed.

You may have seen his comics about, he was fairly popular and a lot of people were a fan of his work. He has since left the company a long while ago to pursue an independent art career to do with what he liked. Because of his tenure in the company, he has gotten extremely popular in doing what he does, however, independence does come with its pitfalls.

See, artists have to deal with plagiarism on a surprisingly regular basis. Big companies step on small content creators all the time, and they can’t do a thing about it. They’re just too big to touch. Fortunately, this company picked the wrong artist to plagiarise because Adam Ellis has a huge following, and he’s more than resourceful.

He made a public statement, showcasing the plagiarised artworks from the company, and demanded that they compensate an Inner City Art group so that the money they made from plagiarising the pieces is better spent in creating more artists rather than the misuse of a powerful company who people think are usually untouchable.

His story is a rally for many artists across the world.

Source: Twitter

This is the call out post.

And all of these images were uploaded with the piece, showcasing exactly what they copied.

It’s an ice cream company.

They made a lot of pieces using his artwork.

And you can tell just by the style.

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