Artist Illustrates What People Only Realize After Adopting A Dog From A Shelter

Spontaneously adopting a dog is not a good idea.

I am not saying that adopting a dog is a bad idea. Not at all, because you might not believe me but adopting an animal can considerably change your life and you have to be willing to do that. However, as it turns out, adopting a dog really turned this family around.

Who am I talking about you ask? Well an artists from Moscow who loves to draw illustrations and hilarious comic strips about his pets which are mostly filled with cats. However this time he decided to show the world what it was really like when he and his girlfriend adopted a black furry dog.

So scroll down below and take a look.

Source: Instagram

So let’s begin shall we?

Adopting a dog means you have to find out every little thing about them the hard way.

You might not know what their history was like. Were they well-cared for or abused?

But it is also a very rewarding experience when you do find out about their every habit.

Sure, they might not be perfect but that is what makes them unique.

And that is what love is.

You discover new things about your pet and more surprisingly, yourself.

You always have something new waiting for you at home each day.

So what more could anyone ask for?

The endless love of a pet is only an hour away.

It won’t change all the bad things about the world.

But it will help to know that you did something.

And this is the adorable black furry dog that these illustrations are dedicated to.

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