Artist Illustrates Hilarious Comics About Her Pet Bird And It’s Gonna Cheer You Up

I admit birds are the cutest.

Even though I love cats and am probably going to be a cat lady in a few years, today these illustrations, however, changed my mind. As it turns out, birds might even be cuter than cats and dogs. Who knew?

We all have to thank the amazing artist, Cynthia for revealing the glory of a bird to us. And it’s all because she decided to draw about her own cockatiel named Buddy. She likes to portray how it feels like to live with a bird.

They are largely real incidents, based either on Buddy himself, or experiences I’ve had with other birds in my life. People tell me it helps them with depression and helps get them through bad days, and I’m grateful to be able to help.


Source: Tumblr | Facebook | Potatopato

This is what Buddy looks like in real life.

#1 Shape of birds.

#2 Bird fashion.

#3 If I fit.

#4 ME! ME!

#5 Not too close.

#6 The cutest!

#7 The human cracker.

#8 The beautiful voice.

#9 Truly invisible.

#10 Dance of freedom.

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