This Artist Illustrated His Wife Everyday For A Month & Results Are Amazing

Ben Pannell Is An Illustrator Living In Philadelphia.

Why is that relevant you might ask? Well, he is the genius illustrator behind the following illustrations. The illustrations are of his wife Adrienne and, of course, her two cats. You see, he took a monthly challenge.

He wanted to paint the following pictures for her birthday in February. He wanted to do something he had never done before. So he used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CS6 and Clip Studio Paint for the illustrations.

The theme for every picture is different. He had no set theme either, so he drew whatever he desired except The English Garden (At the request of his wife).

More info: benpannell.com

#1 Crazy Cat Lady.

#2 Chocolate Vampire.

#3 Miniature Morning.

#4 Absolutely Bad-Ass (Her Birthday).

#5 Fancy Dancer.

#6 Soon To Be Horror Movie Victim.

#7 Super Secret Spy.

#8 Dragon Slayer.

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