Artist Illustrated Girl Problems In These Comics And They Are A Little Too Accurate

Girls are under a constant radar where they have to deal with a billion problems on a daily basis. And there’s no way you can outrun these problems of yours. However, the one thing you can do is poke fun at them.

31-year-old Russian artist Anastasia ‘Stushona’ Ivanova used creativity to deal with these problems of hers. She overcomes the annoying little things in life by transforming them into comics, and she’s been doing this for the past eight months now.

“The character is my alter ego,” she told Bored Panda. “It’s a reflective girl who finds non-standard ways of solving problems.”

“I draw topics that bother me,” she said. “Through comics, I express my attitude towards the world. [I believe that] self-irony is the best way to deal with troubles.”The Chelyabinsk-based artist also often takes inspiration from her friend’s experiences and traveling when she lacks inspiration. “I have offended them in my comics.”

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Check out her “little too accurate” comics below:

1. Confrontation in Subway.

2. Catwoman.

3. Addiction.

4. Soup with a cat.

5. Cup of coffee.

6. Strong and independent.

7. Optimist.

8. Autumn walks.

9. Shopping.

10. Sleeping Beauty.

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