Artist Draws Eye-opening Comics That Depicts The Daily Struggles Of Trans People

Artist takes it upon themselves to outline societal issues.

From gender disparity to gender identity, the issue of everything pertaining to what it means to be a boy or a girl has been addressed by comic artists all over the world. One such issue is transpeople and trans rights, and the artist of “Assigned Male Comics” who has a popular and dedicated fanbase, has a massive series about these topics.

Look at them yourself.

Source: Facebook | Tumblr 

#1 Being against trans people because they will attempt suicide.

#2 Needing new lip gloss.

#3 “Becoming” transgender is not helpful.

#4 Various trans men problems as seen by trans men.

#5 The XX and XY chromosomes in biology.

#6 Non-binary and a bisexual becoming a couple.

#7 A fragile woman carrying the box and notions of chivalry.

#8 Reasons to not hire a cis actor to play a trans woman.

#9 A lot of strength and courage to have a transgender child.

#10 Girlfriend is transgender and so is his cousin, so watch your mouth.

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