Artist Depicts Her Adorable Everyday Life With Her Extra Large Boyfriend

Boyfriends are just too fun to be with.

Specially the giant ones! Their huge bear hugs are just the best tbh.

There are always two sides to everything. Specially a relationship. But this post has been created from the girlfriend’s perspective. So sit tight. Cuz it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Not everyone is going to agree with these illustrations. And by everyone, you know who I mean. 😉

So go ahead and check them out!

1. Don’t you just love his warm embrace?

2. We have our own kind of fun with them.

3. Wait for it.

4. Yeah, isn’t he just too hot to handle? 😉

5. When we’re being annoyed.

6. “Why are you ignoring me?!”

7. Those wild-romance days.

8. Just some of our habits.

9. How unfair!

10. No surprise.

11. The other side of them.

12. No shame at all. Specially in eating your leftovers.

13. Always there, everywhere.

14. They are hungry when they see food.

15. Sharing is caring? No.

16. Normal couples go straight to the party.

17. Aaaaaand done.

18. Adorable and romantic, even outside.

19. More fun.

20. Where the fun actually begins. For him.

21. A cute caring moment.

22. They are expressionless and strong.

23. Digging into the skin…

24. Tall enough to protect her. From nothing.

25. That’s not cute at all.

26. When you can’t reach things at heights.

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