Artist Creates Illustrations That Are So Dark That You Need To Wash Your Soul For Seeing Them

At first glance, Steven Rhodes illustrations may be extremely hard to digest.

This kind of artistic expression is just something our palates aren’t made for. However, if you look closer, the illustrations are exhibiting a completely different side of the picture. You’ll notice how explicitly evident the messages have been made through imagery. It’ll show you just how messed up and whack our society has become. Each of these illustrations has a hidden meaning behind it and to each their own.

It may just be poking fun for a few, but a perfect depiction of struggling with stress and depression for some. Sometimes, the only way to overcome your insecurities is by destroying them. Rhodes has created an imaginary world, where the art is dark and mysterious. It’ll remind you of the stories you read as a child but this time around the moral of the story isn’t all good.

In fact, the illustrations are so dark that you’ll need to wash your soul for seeing these illustrations.

1. Let’s Sacrifice Toby.

2. Who The Fuck Cares?

3. Let’s Summon Demons.

4. Sports.

5. Stereo Devil’s Music: Sing Along!

6. Fun at the Farm!

7. Archery for Beginners.

8. Pyrokinesis For Beginners.

9. Timmy has a Visitor.

10. Learn About Gravity: Science Experiments.

12. You’re my crush.

13. Achieve Your Dreams.

14. Hugs.

15. Self Help Guide: Coping With Stress.

16. Let’s Call the Exorcist.

17. Science!

18. My First Knife Fight: Hobbies and Games.

Let us know what your thoughts are on each of these illustrations in the comments below!

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